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Zetech University Main Campus Off Thika Road-Ruiru
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Open learning is an approach of learning that enables students to have flexibility and choices over major learning decisions such as; what, when, at what pace, where, and how. Open learning takes place through distance learning which is characterized by physical or geographical separation between the student and the trainer. This physical separation is substituted by various approaches such as print, audio, video, mobile apps, broadcast radio, television, and of course computers and Internet platforms which provide for student to lecturer integration.

Zetech University Zetech Digital School is an instrumental avenue in the access of higher education in Africa. It provides greater choice and access to education for student who wouldn’t get an opportunity due to life commitments such as work, family or even physical limitations. It provides getter flexibility to learners in terms of scheduling and duration of their studies, reduction in barriers to the location of the academic institution and reduced cost of transportation and accommodation. Further the mode of study suits certain learners especially the older learners, provides shift in the manner of study where learners have greater responsibility in the learning process and will be required to be more active, self disciplined and self directed and with good time management skills. It enhances greater interaction and networking among the students within their societal and beyond and opportunity for students to hone their technology skills. At societal level, this mode of study stands to create greater potential for equalizing access to education since virtual courses are lowly priced as compared to regular classes.

This mode of study has been aided by the proliferation of internet connectivity and further the mobile services which have helped in producing an anytime and anywhere expectation for access to information.


To become the preferred virtual based provider of higher education in Africa


To facilitate the provision of high quality skill based education by leveraging on technology


To leverage on technology to offer easily and accessible higher education to ambitious students irrespective their geographical location in sync with the dynamic and multifaceted political, economic, social and cultural spheres of life.